Engagement & Media

I am committed to discussing my research with both students and audiences beyond the academy through film, podcasts, and writing. As well as writing on topics such as silence for The Guardian, I write accessible blog posts about my research.

Metaphors of the Mind

With Lan A. Li, I co-present and co-produce a series of podcasts and short films looking at the ways in which people across different times and cultures have represented processes going on in the human mind.

Metaphors of the Mind brings together participants from across the world and from a wide variety of disciplines to discuss the images and material things used to represent the mind’s cognitive and emotional processes. With episodes on topics such as the use of alchemy to explain love and hatred in early modern Europe to the role of weaving in the memorization of Thai poetry, Metaphors of the Mind creates unique opportunities to compare representations of the mental processes across cultures, disciplines, and times.

Experimental Reconstructions

Sam Cryer performing Boyle’s chemical “demonstration” of the possibility of the resurrection for my class on science and religion at University College London.

I use reconstructions of early modern chemical experiments in both the classroom, and as subjects for films and blog posts. In 2018, for isntance, I organised a recreation of Robert Boyle’s (1627-1691) attempt to demonstrate the possibility of the Christian resurrection through chemical experimentation as part of an undergraduate course on the history of science and religion. You can view and learn more about my recreation of this experiment here.