About the Blog

This is a blog about my work as a historian. You can find out more about me here.

My idea for this blog is a simple one. What I want to do is to share some of the fascinating historical images, texts and things that I encounter in my research and teaching. I don’t want to write lengthy reflections about the practices and social life of research and teaching. Instead I just want to share some of fascinating, stirring and beautiful things that I encounter when I try to discover how people in the past thought and when I try to convey some of this to my students.

Most of the posts on this blog will be short extracts of historical materials, with a little commentary designed to persuade you that what I am sharing is interesting. I promise to include lots of hyperlinks so that you can find out more if you want to. Since I have some specific research interests, you will be able to see themes emerge in the things that I post. I am really interested in the power of images, texts and things to change people – so I will include items that people at the time found particularly vivid and striking.

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