About Me

I’m Alexander Wragge-Morley and I’m in the early stages of a life as a historian. I research and teach the history of the period 1500-1800, known as the ‘early modern‘ period. I teach a wide variety of topics and themes relating to this period. My research, however, is more specialised – I work on the history of science in Britain, roughly 1650-1750.

You can find out more about my research and publications here.

I am convinced that the study of history is valuable for everyone in the world today, and I want to communicate about it as widely as possible. I do a lot of this by way of teaching, which I enjoy just as much as research. I want to use this blog to communicate with even more people.

To find out about the aims of this blog and the decisions I have taken about its form and content, please visit this page.  If you want to know about the giant insect, go here.


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